NorthAmLoans/North American Loans Network

Los Angeles, California 1 comment

I was scammed by these people.they set me up within 1 hour for a web page that was suppose to take a week to set .

I had to dispute the $195.00 charge for this scam. They even gave me a better deal for the same price the was suppose to be double. I should have know it when I set it up. They put so much pressure on me to join and gave great promises that I would do well with it.

I was lucky enough to not sign the form that was electronically done because I looked into the scam before I would sign anything.

I wil report this to the necessary government agencies to see how to stop them if at all possible.



:sigh I have been ripped off by northam as well and presently attempting to recover my losses.Try its a program under them call bitter buyer.

check them out.good luck

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